Homenode 1.1: More Space, More Freedom

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new version of the Homenode – a sleek, powerful, and intuitive device, now with even more space for your data. Yes, you read that right! Our latest iteration of the Homenode comes packed with an enormous 4 TB of storage space, giving you the freedom to manage and maintain your data for up to two years without needing to prune the disk.

Maintaining our commitment to high performance, the new Homenode continues to run on a sturdy 4-core CPU with a robust 32GB of RAM. This means you can continue to expect the same fluid, responsive experience that you’ve come to love about our devices, but now with an extended data management capability.

Let’s delve a little deeper into what this means for you. With a 4 TB storage space, the new Homenode is now equipped to handle more data than ever before. That translates to extended periods of smooth operation without having to worry about disk space management. Our testing reveals that with standard usage, most users won’t have to consider disk pruning for up to two years! That’s an impressive leap forward in terms of usability and user-friendly maintenance.