Welcome to Homenode.org

With this initiative I want to give everyone the opportunity to get and/or run state-of-the-art hardware for running a Rocketpool or Ethereum Node. Price/performance, effectiveness and a future-proof setup should be the key characteristics.

In a perfect world, homenode.org is not just a site gathering information or sourcing node hardware. It should be a community that supports each other and has the same goal in mind: To operate the settlement layer of the Internet in a secure and decentralized way.

Since dedicated staking hardware is almost exclusively offered in the USA and most nodes are still running in the US, I would like to serve the European market first to help decentralize the network. That means I will offer a kit or individual parts here so users can assemble and run their own Node.

Of course, this is not a must! All the hardware and software used will be fully documented, so that everyone can source their own parts for their node or printing the enclosure themself.

You may ask now: How does this help people looking to run a Rocket Pool node?

  • Users get hardware tuned and tested for staking.
  • If desired, users can get a completely pre-installed node or custom linux images especially build for their hardware stack.
  • The hardware offers enough possibilities for beginners and advanced users to configure it individually.
  • Users operate on a x86_64 platform and thus benefit from existing and established software packages.
  • A  3D printed case provides optimal cooling for CPU, RAM and NVMe SSD. The 3D files will be released under an open source license after completion.
  • The price/performance ratio is very good: 900MHz to 3.3GHz per core with a total of four cores, 16GB or 32GB memory with a 2TB NVMe SSD with a consumption of 12W to 20W…. so you can tweek the hell out of that thing 🙂